30 -years on the Russian market

9 Regions

About 100 sites

Over 500000



LTM. Fiber cement plate production plant in Obninsk of Kaluga Region

NOKIA. Reconstruction of Telephone Cable Factory in St. Petersburg. 4.500 m2

POLAROID. Reconstruction of office and warehouse facility in Moscow. 2.300 m2

FOCUS WOOD. Reconstruction and expansion of parquet production plant KARELIA in Maklino village of Kaluga Region. 16.000 m2

SFAT-RYAZAN. Railroad car wheel service building (1 stage) in Ryazan. 1.260 m2

NOVARTIS FARMA. Reconstruction of pharmaceutical warehouse in Moscow. 1.700 m2

POLARKAP. Disposable tableware factory in Moscow. 2.600 m2

SFAT-RYAZAN. Extension of shot-cleaning and cistern wagon painting shop for transportation of oil-product transportation in Ryazan. 1.200 m2

NPO TRUD, RUSSKY MEKH. Fur-production facility in Moscow. 5.000 m2

COCA-COLA. Aseptic beverage line in Moscow. 1.120 m3

HUHTAMAKI. Reconstruction of facility for production of disposable packages in Ivanteevka of Moscow Region. 6.800 m2

TLK TORZHOK LLC SHELL OIL. Reconstruction of drainage and rain water system in Torzhok of Tver Region

VOLGA-SFAT. Maintenance facility for sludge and railroad car repair in Volgorechensk of Kostroma Region. 900 m2

NPO ELEKTRONIKA. Pre-construction activities for plant building in Voronezh

ZAKAZCHIK. Logistics centre in Moscow. 14.030 m2

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PHILIPS. Office space in Moscow. 2000 m2


PHILIPS. Office building reconstruction in Moscow. 1000 m2

PHILIPS. Office building reconstruction and workshop service and repair in Moscow. 1,400 m2

AVAYA. Office space Riverside Towers reconstruction in Moscow. 1,200 m2

VNESHECONOMBANK. Office space in Moscow. 500 m2

LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES. Office space reconstruction in Moscow. 630 m2

BRITISH PETROLEUM. Facades reconstruction of the representative office in Moscow.

SFAT. Office reconstruction in Moscow. Total area of 1,000 m2

ORIFLAME. Office reconstruction in Moscow

KLM ROYAL DUTCH AIRLINES. Reconstruction of the representative office in Moscow..

HOTEL METROPOL. Suite with sweatbath in Moscow.

SANDOZ. Office and warehouse premises reconstruction in Moscow.

QUINTILES Office and warehouse premises reconstruction in Moscow. 900 m2

THE EMBASSY OF THE NETHERLANDS IN RUSSIA. Expansion of the premises in Moscow.

SOVINCENTR, WORLD TRADE CENTRE MOSCOW. Repairs for Congress Centre on Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow.

HOTEL ВНУКОВО. Renovations of the public areas and hotel rooms in Moscow County Region. 1,500 m2

SECRETAN TROYANOV AND PARTNERS. Office reconstruction in Moscow.

INTERPROMTORG. Bank and office building in Moscow, 2 000 m2

FROZEN FISH TRADING. Office building reconstruction in Moscow, 1 500 m2

FRUNZENSKY KOMMERCHESKY BANK. Reconstruction of the banking and office premises in Moscow, 2.000 m2

EVROMIN A.B. Reconstruction of office premises in Moscow, Total office area of 500 м2

EVROMIN A.B. Reconstruction of office premises in Almaty. Total office area 400 m2

MANÈGE SQUARE, Office premises in Moscow.

MOSCOW CITY CURRENCY DIRECTORATE. Reconstruction of office premises in Moscow, 3 000 м2

JET-TRANSIT. Office reconstruction in Moscow.

ELKAT Ltd. Reconstruction of representative office premises and sauna in Moscow.

BRIDGESTONE. Reconstruction of a tire shop and a workshop for technical service in Moscow. 700 m2

STOCKMANN Fashion stores VERO MODA and JACK & JONES in Moscow. 600 m2

СОЛИНГ. Beauty salon in Moscow. 300 m2

CENTRA FAIRFIELDS. Fast-food restaurant CARROLS in the shopping center “Manezhnaya Square” in Moscow.

REEBOK RUSSIA. Reconstruction of exhibition and retail spaces in Moscow

SP PORT. Stores in the shopping center “Manezhnaya Square” in Moscow

DIAL. The building of the shopping and technical centers in Moscow. 3 100 m2

SFAT. Full reconstruction of passenger cabins, salons, restaurants, bars and sweatbaths of the passenger ship «Александр Пирогов» (Alexander Pirogov)