PAROС. Rockwool manufacturing facility in Izoplit village of Tver Region.

Paroc is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of energy-efficient insulation materials for new and repurposed buildings, shipbuilding, acoustic applications and other industrial use cases.

The first phase of PAROC’s rockwool manufacturing facility in Russia opened in 2013. The opening ceremony was attended by Russia’s Prime Minister, Mr Dmitri Medvedev

PAROC’s plant is a major manufacturing facility:

• Total plant area of 17.8 hectares
• Overall factory area 49,990 square metres
• Manufacturing zone 73,200 square metres
• The projected capacity of the plant’s output is 100,000 tonnes of stone-based insulation material and other insulating materials, per year.

HAKA MOSCOW undertook the following works at PAROC’s facilities over 2012-2013: preparation of the draft design, preparation of initial permit documentation, establishing technical conditions for connection of engineering networks, holding engineering surveys, developing Project Documentation with adaptation to the requirements of Russian standards for section parts developed in Finland, justifying the size of the safety protection buffer zone with the conclusion of the Federal Service for Consumer Protection development of EIA and Environmental Protection subsections, holding public consultations on the location of the plant, obtaining a positive review of the Federal Environmental Inspection service, passing Russian state inspections with a positive outcome result, obtaining building permits.

The work was carried out under an intense schedule. Utmost attention was paid to be compliant with demanding specifications for environmentally-safe manufacturing during every step of production.