YANDEX Data Processing Centre (DPC) in the city of Vladimir.


HAKA MOSCOW performed a full range of facility construction works, using its equipment, engineering systems, and other accessories. Including engineering operations, building inspection measures and commissioning. Facility construction was completed in very short period of time: in 11 months from the beginning.

Performance Period: 04.2016 – 03.2017


Town of Vladimir

14,48 ha

overall site area

10130 m2

overall area of facility after the first phase

2880 IT-racks

total capacity of site

50 MW

dedicated electrical power supply


  • Development of the working documentation for the engineering departments at REVIT (three-dimensional virtual 'walk-through' -model of the interiors of the building)
  • General construction works
  • Installation of the interior engineering systems
  • Finishing works
  • Engineering support (on-site and off-site system networks)
  • Landscaping
  • Executive documentation (three-dimensional virtual'walk-through' model of the interiors of the building)
  • Warranty
  • Obtaining building permits
  • Construction supervision
  • Obtaining reports confirming the compliance of the project to the project documentation (AIA)
  • Obtaining permission to launch facility into commercial operation


The new Yandex Data Centre is the first facility in Russia, where no additional air cooling is used for equipment functioning. The absence of additional cooling equipment means no need to divert energy for cooling – thus making it possible to reach very efficient Power Usage Effectiveness ratings, equal to 1.07 for full module.


Scalability is provided at the site, thus permitting alteration of the site’s IT-capacity from 4 to 40 MW through constructing additional modules. In accordance with the project, the facility utilities are designed to support three similar data center modules (5 IT-modules) in each one.

Ready-to-use site elements site and possibility of their element-by-element assembly on-site ensures rapid construction of similar facility in other regions as well.


Significiant volume of groundwater and a high water table in area led to the need for drainage system for surface water disposal including gabion usage.

A storm water system including sewage treatment plant and a pump facility was also built. Treated water drainage operates through method of directed horizontal drilling..


The efficient energy supply of the facility provided by its connection to 110 kW electrical network, minimizing any power outage period or electric loss as well as minimizing costs for electricity.

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