TLZ | Factory for manufacturing paints and varnishes


Tver Paint Factory “TLZ” is a leading Russian enterprise.

Being one of the most highly technical plants in Russia, TLZ creates and manufactures technologically advanced industrial and automotive repair coatings that meet the rigorous international standards of the painting industry.

Construction period: September 2008 – May 2010



6,3 ha

overall site area


overall building size

20000 t/yr

production capacity

5,25 MW

gas power output


  • Development of Design outline
  • Development of project documentation
  • Development of working documentation
  • General construction works
  • Installation of internal engineering systems
  • Finishing work
  • Engineering support (off-site and on-site networks)
  • Landscaping
  • Executive documentation
  • Warranty (24 months)
  • Obtaining initial permits
  • Obtaining technical specifications
  • Obtaining approvals
  • Obtaining an expertise report with positive recommendation
  • Obtaining building permits
  • Carrying out construction supervision
  • Obtaining report confirming compliance with project documentation (AIA)
  • Obtaining permission to put the facility into commercial operation


Concentration revolves around the workshop area, explosion-protected spatial solutions and structures, as well as internal engineering systems including a ventilation system, all in an effort to continuously allow increasing plant capacity by installing new lines and additional units.


Technological process safety is provided for different solvents in the vapor control system. In the event that vapor exceeds the permissible level, the system will automatically shut down the equipment, power on backup fans and sound an alarm. All industrial and laboratory facilities, in addition to units and equipment installed there, are operated with due consideration of the requirements of fire and explosion provisions, and if necessary, antistatic coatings are applied.


In an effort to achieve the most flawless quality of production, particular attention is paid to the end-to-end measurements, which begin with each raw material batch delivered to the plant and unloaded in a buffer zone. At the point after sample testing has been performed and quality control laboratory approval is given, these raw materials are then distributed to the allocated storage areas. Following laboratory approval, the packaging process gets under way. This full process and laboratory approval ensures that the product meets all necessary quality criteria in accordance with ISO.


Due to the sharp rise in prices for construction materials during the world economic crisis in 2008, at the client’s request, investigation and selection of similar but economical materials to identical technical characteristics and quality were performed. This important research made it possible to follow the originally-approved construction budget without any reduction to the external appearance, technical characteristics or quality of the facility.

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