Execution of technical client functions at all stages of investment projects, from obtaining of original data for the project, coordination performance, passing of expertise inspection, obtaining construction permits, execution of construction control up to obtaining of Statement of Conformity and permission for object commissioning.

Extended description

  • Performing the functions of technical client
  • Collection of initial data for designing
  • Obtaining of technical conditions for connection to engineering systems:
    • Water supply
    • Water disposal
    • Storm sewer system
    • Electricity
    • Heating
    • Gas supply
    • Communication networks (telephone, TV, internet, radio, automated systems for centralized alert of civil defence and emergency situations)
  • Engineering surveying:
    • Topographical survey
    • Soil investigation
    • Environmental survey
    • Engineering-hydro-meteorological investigations
    • Area survey for presence of explosive objects
  • Execution of project documentation approval
  • Passing through expert examinations of planning documentations and engineering investigations
  • Obtaining permission for construction works
  • Registration of facilities at Governmental Construction Supervision offices
  • Facilities construction control
  • Cooperation with Governmental Construction Supervision office in the process of construction
  • Obtaining the findings of the Government Construction Supervision office concerning correlation of the project to documentation (Statement of Conformity)
  • Obtaining a Commissioning Permit from government bodies