Experience, reliability and professionalism are the keys which we use to solve every individual project. We truly understand that each project is unique. Therefore we cannot offer a fixed solution to our clients. Every client has unique wishes concerning the time, the costs and the quality of a project. Haka Moscow's experience, reliability and professionalism guarantee that these wishes are fulfilled triumphantly.

Haka Moscow has a firm background in contracting in Moscow and European part of Russia. Our expertise in the construction and renovation business has benefited a wide range of customers, most of long duration. In addition to the construction, Haka Moscow also has the expertise on the Russian permission proceedings. Therefore our experienced employees can help our customers at every stage of a project; from calculating profitability and obtaining permissions to practical management and design.

Haka Moscow has been operating in the Russian construction market for more than 25 years. Our company has in-depth knowledge of Russian business life. During its working years Haka Moscow has established an extensive business network in Russia. This guarantees reliable and efficient service also from our loyal subcontractors, designers and material suppliers.

PAULIG: Finlandís ambassador in Russia Matti Antonen at the grand opening ceremony, 15.09.2011

We value quality. Haka Moscow will guarantee that all the projects are up to the highest quality standards. Our projects are carried out under the management and control of Finnish professionals. Our permanent staff consists of professionals we have trained ourselves. Our people have a long background in working in Russia and specifically for Haka Moscow company.

Haka Moscow. Finno-Russian construction company since year 1988.
General contracting. Real estate development. Construction project management. Project consulting.
E-MAIL: office@hakamoscow.ru
TEL: + 7 499 267 36 37; + 7 499 267 69 39; + 7 499 267 40 59
ADDRESS: Radio street, 5, building 4, Moscow, Russia